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Dec 10, 2012 8:30pm EST
with immigration works, to tamar a jacoby, and arizona state university, working on the issues. i want to acknowledge cardenas, a former governor and distinguished mexican colleague and many other good friends. and mane others back at the woodrow wilson system. and dan, who is out of government and into this civilian life. there's no doubt the latino vote was important in this past election. when we put this together we didn't foe how important. this was an event that ambulanced ahead of the elections themselves and we started with a question mark, and decided to keep the question mark on there only because there are many people that will claim that election outcomes were the result of different factors, but i don't think there's any doubt, and for anyone who watched endless hours of talk tv and talk radio, the days after the election, like me, knows there was probably no theme that came up more often than the importance of the latino vote. for many of us that followed these issues from -- some like roberto with great expertise, others like me, with much more general recall -- generali
Dec 10, 2012 8:30am EST
the arizona state university. with everyone relationship with arizona state university. once again on a number of issues as immigration what did i want to acknowledge, a senior scholar at the woodrow wilson center, former governor and distinguished colleague, and many other good friends here. good to see dan and roberto and many others back of the woodrow wilson center. dan is now out of government and into his civilian life. there's no doubt the latino vote was important in the past election. we started to put this together did know how important it would be. it was an event planned ahead of the election itself. and we started with a question mark, decided to leave the question mark on their own because there are of course many people that claim that election outcomes were the results of different factors. but i don't think there's any doubt for anyone who watched endless hours of talk tv and talk radio the days after the election, like me, knows there was probably no -- than the latino vote. for many of us who follow these issues, some like roberto, with great expertise, others like me with
Dec 29, 2012 11:15pm EST
bowl bid in years. the fight hunger bowl against arizona state. the second quarter, sundevils lead 28-7 and after a missed navy field-goal and going deep to ross, a 52-yard touchdown. arizona state led 34-7 at the half. the third quarter we go, kelly and ross, the secondary again and this time, a 50-yard touchdown. the third of the game for ross. arizona state scored touchdowns on their first nine possessions and that is unheard of. late in the third quarter now, 48-7. one of the few bright moments with the gp green on the kickoff return and into the open. he would go 95 yards for the score. navy adds two more tds in the fourth quarter and dominated by the sun devils, 62-28. the pinstripe bowl at yankee stadium, syracuse and west virginia in a pregame scrum. talk about bah humbug. trailing 12-0. smith, a wide receiver to bailey. and he breaks the tackle, takes up a distant 32 yards for the score. that cuts the deficit to 12-7. third quarter, same score. syracuse's pass deflected and right into the hands of becket rails. the teamwork to a touchdown and back in front by 12. later, pr
Dec 15, 2012 10:00am EST
, executive director of the latino partnership for conservative principles, and arizona state university professor rodolfo espinoza. this event is two hours. >> good morning. we will go ahead and get started. welcome to the wilson center. this is, as you well know, a place where public policy and a research me to bring together the world of ideas with your world a policy action. very happy to have our director of the latin-american program. and of course, very pleased that this is an event we are co- sponsoring with immigration works that did most of the work for this. the president of emigration works really put the panel together, as well as very proud to co-concert arizona university. i want to acknowledge a senior scholar at the woodrow wilson center. and many other good friends here. good to see dan and rubber co and many others at the woodrow wilson center. there is no doubt the latino vote was important past election. we did not know how important this would be when we started to put this together. we started this with a question mark. we decided to keep the question mark on there
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 10:00am PST
have a say how the u.s. deals with illegal immigration? we'll talk to arizona attorney general tom thorn, he weighs in on the ongoing legal battle. >> jamie: plus, a defiant act against president obama's health care law. an update on the u.s. company facing millions of dollars in fines for refusing to comply. >> kelly: and taking a stand in the wake of the tragic school shooting massacre at sandy hook elementary. what some teachers are doing to make their classrooms safer. >> i think that a lot of people have a fear of guns and of what they can do, but i think also that maybe they're not quite educated, that sometimes the only thing we'll talk about is a good guy with a gun. >> and welcome back, everyone, we're following a major challenge to the president's health care law, the arts and crafts chain hobby lobby now saying it will not pro he vied workers with health plans that cover the morning after pill. even though the new health care law requires it. this, after the supreme court refused the christian-owned company's request for an exemption this week. the decision could cost t
Dec 9, 2012 10:00am EST
. >> once a we have not mentioned is arizona. and there will -- up one state we have not mentioned is arizona. there will be an open race because she cannot run for reelection. is one of the obama at mr. engine has talked about here it -- administration has talked about. i am wondering what you see go forward into the arizona governor's race and if you're getting pressure from the democratic party to finally make this a competitive state again. >> i have not been on the job long enough to be candid enough with you to say we have worked deeply with arizona. arizona is changing. there is no reason why we cannot win the governorship. i suspect there are many who feel their current leadership is not balanced. they wish they had a different governor. there is a huge opportunity for us to say we think we can elect a democratic governor who created jobs and economic opportunities and be more balanced and stable. >> i want to ask you about taxes. rick perry is seeking reelection. he has been in office since 2001. it has been more than 20 years since texas elected a democrat, and richards,
Dec 28, 2012 6:30pm PST
trabajar, construir a la soci a sociedad, y arizona, nebraska y michigan lo que hace daÑa la sociedad >> marta considera que otorgando licencias de conducir es de be e beneficioa la seuridad publica >> abogado de los derechos ci civiles dicen que de ganar la demanda puede formar precedente en otros estados que han negado la licencia a quienes tienen permiso de trabajo, desde los angeles california, telemundo. >> la masacre en newtown c connecticut, sigue generando iniciativas para asegurar las s escuelas publicas, en pmaricop a arizona vemos por ejemplo estas noticias >> el autorproclamado mÁs temid en arizona dice tener la solu o soluci soluciÓn para evitar ataques con armas de fuego en las escuelas como la masacre del 14 de d diciembre en sandy hook, newtown, connecticut, ahÍ per e perdieron la vida 20 niÑos usar un grupo de voluntarios armados >> para patrullar arÁreas don e tenemos escuelas primarias >> las reacciones a su propuesta no se hicieron esperar >> esta mader de familia tiene 3 hijos y dice que es una idea s descabellada >> en vez de hacer u bien hacen daÑo,
Dec 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
. >> one state we have not mentioned is arizona, there will be an open race because the republican governor cannot run for re-election this time. arizona was a state that the obama administration, the democratic party has talked about for the past couple of election cycles for a potential swing state. and running the obama administration was talking about it but then it fell offer the map. what do you see going forward in the governor's race and if you are getting some pressure from the democratic party to finally make this a competitive state again. >> i haven't been on the job long enough to tell you that we worked deeply on arizona -- i haven't yet. arizona is changing. there is no reason why we can't win the governorship there and i suspect that there are many in arizona who feel their current leadership is not balanced. obviously, they wish they had a different governor. there is a huge opportunity for us there to say, hey, we think we can elect an democratic governor who can create jobs and be more balanced and stable than what you are used to. >> i want to ask you about texas. rick p
Dec 27, 2012 6:30pm PST
de noviembre con lo que se describiÓ con una tos persistente. >>> el fiscal general de arizona propondrÁ a la legislatura que haya personas armadas para evitar que pistoleros cometan masacres, dijo que asÍ como hay personas armadas en los bancos, centros comerciales, edificios de gobierno, tambiÉn debe haber en el gobierno, su propuesta es que no cualquier maestro vaya armado, sino que esan personas calificadas. >>> grupos promotores de armas ofrecieron entrenar a maestros, se le ofrece 6 horas de adiestramiento, en ohio dijo que pondrÁn un programa de manejos de armas para 24 maestros. el gobierno de mÉxico pidiÓ a la justicia de estados unidos que impida la implementaciÓn de ley que criminalizan la transportaciÓn de indocumentados. marÍa antonia nos hace un recuento de las familias en arizona y alabama. >>> la realidad en este campo de batalla migratorio es otra, y las intenciÓn no bastan. >>> mi familia estÁ dividida. >>> era por otro hijo detenido, y su esposo deportado, y por lo que le puede pasar a otro. son los rostros de la hb 56. >>> alabama viviÓ la ley an
Dec 23, 2012 11:00pm EST
't trust the dirt and she has a point. we live in is the arizona a mile above sea level. it is a mining town located 8 miles from the mexican border. the copper mine closed down more than 30 years ago but the effect of the resistance remain. the mark the hillsides and it sustains the cliffs of burnt orange. they are on the horizon and remind us of the elevators the sizes of houses that carried men a thousand feet below the surface. and then there's the ( a large create from the edge of town from the torrential monsoon rains pour off the mountains into the my -- mile long bathtub. i'm going to take my coat off. it's hot up here with fees' life i guess the lights have to be on, don't they? my wife and i met not long after we've looked your -- mature in 2000 to get away from suburbia. it's the past three decades i realize i have a few steadfast requirements for my quality-of-life. most important wasn't driving the traffic at all. i need to walk out my front door to a good hiking trail to the i like the ability to barbour. but money is short for any vital necessity. in visby i've always bee
Dec 25, 2012 5:00am PST
americano. (gritos) . >> estos estudiantes de tuczon, arizona, decidieron tomar la junta escolar para defender los etsudios étnicos, luchan por preservar el programa méxico-americano, es decir sus raíces, pasado, a peasr del empeño perdieron la batalla, la gobernadora firmó la ley que prohíbe estudios etnicos, el condado eliminó a principios del año el programa. >> es ilegal enseñar resentimiento, es el argumento oficial, pero ¿qué hay de cierto en eso?. >> la manera de enseñar es critica, más profunda de ver la situación . >> ¿quÉ es lo que pasa entonces? ¿le enseñan a los alumnos a penasr y es una amenaza?. >> es como lo toman, los estudiantes con esta herrtamienta pues tienen la habildiad de cambiar el mundo . >> es esa identidad, el futuro, lo que dicen los estudiantes que le quieren robar, ser subersiuvos y robar a la raza blanca . >> no es racismo, nos ensñeraron en la historia del país . >> según activistas como ramón, uno de los creadores del programa, realizo una agenda concreta contra los chicanos . >> en el grupo estaba contemplado a sublebarse, odia
Dec 15, 2012 6:30pm PST
at the arizona flares going after each other. can't they just shake hands? this is the new mexico bowl against nevada. nevada up 45-28, third. here came arizona to get to within 6 and then they got the on sides kick. and with 20 seconds left, the slant, arizona scored 14 points in the last 46 minutes of the game to win 49-48. stanford hosting uc-davis in basketball. they ran them out of the gym. check dwight powell the drive, and the gutteral ul gh! they beat the aggies 75-52. robby clemens with that shot there. >>> tom crane, jim harbaugh's brother-in-law indiana against butler last seconds. game. hoosiers tied the game at 76. it goes to overtime. tied at 86. butler's andrew barlow the floater. 88-86 over number 1 indiana. >> gabriel ludwig at peace with herself. is once again playing college basketball and she is finally at peace with herself. at mission college in santa clara, you won't find too many players like gabby ludwig. know that she turns 51 and 30 years since she last played college basketball. it's because she used to be robert john ludwig who spent most of his life knowing he was
Dec 15, 2012 9:00pm PST
of the season, butler has a huge upset 88-86 the final. >> college bowl season with arizona and nevada facing off. first of 35 bowl games. what a game it was. third quarter, nevada quarterback, wide open ritchie turner, arizona back in the fourth, down 13. 46 seconds to play, to austin hill, nevada down six. ensuing kickoff arizona gets it and he throws the third td pass. wildcats hold on to win the new mexico bowl, 49-48. a. >> division two championship game, opening kickoff, matt pierce with own four-yard line, 96 yards untouched. 7-0 just like that. fourth and one he goes 24. he had 141 yards on 24 carries. 35-7 is the final ending the season at 12-2. >> high school football, marin catholic facing madison high school from san diego for the division championship game in carson, california. quarterback threw four tds on the day but right in the hands. wildcats are up but madison answers and ensuing drive, 272 yards 79 yards are right there. madison with the division champion, 38-35 victory. >> tonight houston, san leandro knocked out to retain his super bantum weight title. he was in control
Dec 15, 2012 5:30pm PST
to watch that and the fifth quarter post-game show right after the game. >>> all right. arizona players going after each other. >> oh. >> this is a new mexico bowl defending nevada in white, cody off the read option. nevada is up 45-28 in the 3rd but arizona comes back and gets to withi 6 they got the on sides kick. the winning touchdown. arizona scores 14 points in the last 46 seconds to win 49-48 over nevada. >>> stanford hosting uc-davis. wonder if they called this second half play at time-out? dwight powell and... he scored 20 points. later in the half here's robby lemons dealing a three ball from the corner. carter love 20. they beat the aggies from uc- davis 75-52. cardinal 7-3. >>> indiana facing butler. last seconds. game, hoosiers nail a three to tie the game at 76. game in overtime tied at 86. a floater bucket. ballgame. 88-86 over number one indiana. like i said, wild finishes this afternoon. >> christmas came early for gabrielle ludwig. 30 years away from the game she is once again playing college basketball and she is finally at peace with herself. at mission college in sa
Dec 30, 2012 10:00am PST
temas del aÑo, la ley sb 1070 en arizona, entrÓ en vigor y continuÓ la lucha contra la h b 56 de alabama, y otras leyes antiinmigrantes, los jÓvenes lograron lo que nadie pudo, el presidente firmÓ la accion diferida, con la que detuvo la deportaciÓn temporalmente de cientos de jÓvenes indocumentados. la muerte del joven afroamericano trayvon martÍn a manos de zimmermann causÓ controversia a nivel nacional, lo acusan de racista y Él dijo que lo hizo en defensa propia. doce latinos representaron a estados unidos en olimpiadas, un deportista austriaco fue el primer hombre en romper la barrera de la sonido al lanzarse desde la estratosfera. sandy afectÓ la costa este de estados unidos, con lluvias, inundaciones, nevadas, y cortes elÉctricos , mÁs de cien murieion en estados unidos. el aÑo terminÓ con noticias trÁgicas, la muerte de macho camacho, y el accidente de jenni rivera acapararon los titulares, y la masacre en la escuela de connecticut conmoviÓ a estados unidos, donde 26 murieron a manos de un joven armado, de ellas 6 eran adultos y 20 niÑos pequeÑos. y estas son las
Dec 28, 2012 9:00pm PST
for the big game between the u.s. naval academy and arizona state this weekend. we were overhead. you can see it's all dressed up and ready to go now. looking pretty spiffy. sergio reports that everyone is in high spirits and game is bring ago big boost to game is bring ago big boost to the local economy [ band playing]. >>reporter: in the spirited match up between the u.s. naval academy and arizona state sun devil fans family from across the country are here. where are you from. >> maryland. >> i'm from chicago. presently phoenix arizona. >>reporter: that's john kaiser. he and his wife are here to support their daughter who is part of the arizona sun devil spirit corps. been awhile since they visited the city. >> when i was here i was like her age basically younger than her. so of course look at the shopping. >>reporter: mascot is a proud mother of nelson one of the front-line players on the team. 5 day trip is a special treat for the whole family. >> we told the girls he made the bowl game that would be the christmas present. alcatraz yeth was kishltion all here for the game a
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm EST
is it? >> guest: where is the ranch? it's on the arizona-new mexico border. the ranch was half in each state, along the gila river--to the south side of the gila river and to the top of the peloncillo mountain range. it's a high desert area. it's rather arid and sparse. there are some oak trees and mesquite trees on the higher elevations. and it's high desert; it's about 5,000 feet high, even on the flat part. but it's--it has a fairly decent climate: rarely gets below freezing in the winter; it gets fairly hot in the summer, but not unbearably so. c-span: how long did you live on that ranch? >> guest: well, i live on it from childhood until i went away to school and eventually got married. my brother, who wrote it with me, lived on it always, until it was sold. and my father ran it until his death--lived on it. and it was started in 1880 by his father. so it had been in the family 113 years by the time it was sold. c-span: how big was it? >> guest: it was very large. it was close to 300 square miles. that's a large area. but, of course, you have to realize that grass is very sparse in
Dec 8, 2012 11:30pm PST
fronteriza , los más reciente esta seana en arizona . >> con pena y coraje porque no debe ser así parece que vemos televisión en irak , lo que pasa ahorita . >> ante esto la secretaria napolitano pidió la revisión de los protocolos para ver si cometen abusos . >> ella pide justicia cuándo su hijo murió por disparos que le dio la patrulla fronteriza . >> quiero justicia, quiero que otras madres no pasen el dolor, no por charola tienen derecho a matar . >> nos manda el comunicado . >> revisión de la fuerza de manera proactiva la cuál se completa para el mes de enero . >> una de las cosas que más causa indignacion que por lo menos la mitad, en la frontera víctimas lanzan piedras . >> pero el gobierno debe permitir que participen en la revisión . >> de la comunidad latina que están interesados en coregir esto . >> en los Ángeles univisión . >> si ve un hecho que considera injusto lo documentaria? decena terminaron arrestados a pesar que tomaron fotos . >> periodista une esos testimonios en blog dice que la fotografía no es crimen . >> una imagen vale más que mil palabras pero en
Nov 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> miles de licencias de conducir se entregan en arizona, pero miles de soÑanores no consiguen una, aquÍ el informe. >>> antonio espera la licencia de conducir, pero sin los documentos es casi imposible. >>> ahora que tenemos estas avenidas esta en quedarse en arizona a irse a otro estado para conseguir la licencia. >>> otras personas con permiso de trabajo pueden acceder libremente al a licencia. >>> se puede poner un paro, un freno con la sb 1070. >>> desde que la gobernadora tomÓ el poder en el 2009 se hizo difÍcil conseguir las licencias. >>> el legislador dice que estÁn haciendo lo posible para hacer que los soÑadores puedan conseguir la licencia. >>> es un beneficio de esperan tener pronto soÑadores como antonio. >>> es una diferencia pequeÑa pero que cuenta cuando estÁs conduciendo y te para un oficial. >>> y bueno aquÍ este informe con antonio valverde. >>> es triste que esto siga pasando en un paÍs como estados unidos, la discriminaciÓn para personas gays. >>> alex quiere casarse pero no puede por ia ley. >>> aquÍ los hospitales tienen que atenderte de cualquier manera y
Dec 4, 2012 11:00pm PST
méxico fue detenido en arizona, al ser llevado admitio su nombre y fecha de nacimiento otros 2 mil los pagaria al llegar a tucson >> en salones de belleza cortan cabello razuran etc. >> es un desafío asegurarse que es la persona >> pero si hay dudas revisan las huellas dactilares >> se le va a deportar, entonces esa persona nunca va a poder ir al consulado para aplicar para un pasaporte >>enseguida en noticias hay señales que el mercado inmobiliario cobra terreno >> volvemos en 60 segundos con la historia >> con ayuda de la tecnología se pudieron ver las imagenes, se ven a uno de ellos pateando a otro para tener más espacio dentro del utero es para ver todo lo que hace un bebe antes de nacer >> el programa comunidades seguras causa deportación >> la constitución de estados unidos no requiere que las agencias del orden cumnplan con la petición de detener a inmigrantes >> una persona puede ser arrestada por cualquier cosa >> cometer infraccion puede ser causa de deportacion >> piden detener a estas personas >> sonia fue agredida por un hombre fue detenida por días por ser ind
Dec 8, 2012 7:00pm PST
feet nine 8 inches tall . from glendale, arizona. ladies and gentlemen, he is the former ufc light weight champion and rain defending ufc light weight champion of the world benson henderson. [ applause ] >> gentlemen protect yourself at all times and follow my being centerses and make it a clean fight. touch. >> they are the two best fighters in the world. firefighter scheduled for five minute rounds. herb dean our referee. henderson and diaz. here we go. tonight's fight is brought to you by quinten chain in theaters. christmas day. >> two so far. he's going to do exactly that i believe. benson henderson is a pressure time fighter and nathan diaz a black belt and brazilian jiu-jitsu . attacking the legs of about benson and clenching and and henderson a third degree brown belt jiu-jitsu under the trainer john. they work in a clinch. short little bunches by diaz. solid kneese by diaz as well. he's good in that position. he hey try. but benson is -- as we talked about in the studio. benson tunk away from the potential throws . nice knee of the body by benson and got the heel in the sh
Dec 28, 2012 4:00am PST
the four corners region from arizona, new mexico, colorado and california meet down to the chijuajua area of new mexico. there was one excavation along the way i remember out in the desert nears winslow, arizona. the desert out there is just a still life with a few landmarks on the horizon and this empty hole, the little colorado river desert, the painted desert, and we were working on a 500-room pueblo dating back to about 1400 ad. i just remember the wind just hailing down on us for days and you would be working down with trowels inside of a trench and if you stop for too long, the sand would start to fill up your hole again because it was blowing so much and everybody was turned away from the wind. so it looked like some kind of religious thing was going on here, all these people bowed to the ground for days and days tinkering with some unimaginable smallness in front of them while the wind just pushed harder and harder, sand blasting across you, filling up all the rooms that you just emptied out as if the desert is rolling back over itself. because even where trails are left, trails d
Dec 22, 2012 9:30pm CST
'll check in with the bears as their season is on the line tomorrow in arizona. rich king is next with sports. whatever it takes, get to sears gift sale with all small kitchen appliances on sale. get this kitchen aid stand mixer for $199.99. your choice of these kenmore appliances for $29.99. and your choice of cuisinart for $99.99. this is how to gift. this is sears. [ female announcer ] over every holiday season your mouth has been sipping, snacking, yellowing. nutcracking, gift stacking yellowing. mistletoe'ing, ho ho ho'ing yellowing. and every holiday season, your teeth have been yellowing. fact is if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over 10 years of stains, and whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest. life opens up when you do. in a hurry? try 2 hour express whitestrips just in time for a white holiday. time for sports... >> the bulls left all their fight in new york....they had nothing left in atlanta after the slugest at madison square garden last night.
Dec 23, 2012 12:00pm EST
no en a arizona, entonces pudeedes co r comprarlo en arizona y llevarlo a california, entonces necesi m necesitamos una ley federal de porhib porhi prohibicion de armas de asalto. tambiÉn puede ir y comprar priapriaiv privadamente, y no tienes que a hacer una certificcioacio n entonces hay cosas que podemos d hacer. >>la verdad es que no lo nece t necesitamos, tratan de asegurar que no pueden evadir la ley po q porque hay muchas formas para a hacerlo, la gramn mayorÍa de l g gente lo va a apoyar >>hay armas virtuales tambiÉn, u un estudio de una revista ped t pediatrica de estados unidos, dice en 1990 el muchacho de e estados unidos promedio juega 4 horas a la semana de juegos v virtualees. hoy el estadounidenses joven e esta mÁs de 16 horas semanales j jugando juegos virtuales, que n incluyen juegos de armas que t matan a gente. nosotros tambiÉn como padres n tenemos ella responsabilidad d n que no entren a estos juegos, o porque de alguna manera quita el respeto al ser humano >>tenemos uque educar a los niÑs a ser pacificos, a no cultivar u una cultura de violencia.
Dec 26, 2012 12:00pm EST
, along with the secretary of state of iowa and arizona. >> i'm told that senator grassley is on his way. i'm going to start. and, of course, in our nation has grown stronger since its founding since more americans are able to exercise their right to vote. reaction taken by previous generations through a civil war, through constitutional amendments -- senator grassley is here -- the long struggles of the civil rights movement work to break down barriers, stood in way of all americans by participating in our democracy. as the song last months election, our work is far from done. barriers to voting continue to exist and evolves. in my state of vermont where we have a town meeting, open participation, democracy, vermonters cannot understand why there is this barrier to voting. you know, the right to vote, ma have your vote count is a foundational right as the security of the other protections of law in the constitution. before the election we had a hearing to -- barry on write-in votes. held by senator ben in florida and ohio. we are testament about the renewed effort in many states, denied
Dec 29, 2012 6:30pm PST
of their off season. fans of the navy and arizona state football teams came out to cheer them on in the kraft fight hunger bowl. there will only be one more year of this bowl at the home of the giants though. the game will be played at the 49ers' new stadium in santa clara in 2014. as for the final score, you'll have to check in with this man. >> i'll tell you 90 total points and there's a lot of football at at&t park and i'll have the highlights from that kraft fight hunger bowl and from stanford and uconn here that's cool. all the action coming up after the break. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den bese that's where thv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink pos
Dec 26, 2012 6:30pm EST
part of southern arizona, where ranchers say the border is anything but secure, and they've got the undercover video to prove it. >> reporter: on american soil, ten miles north of the mexican border, arizona rancher jim chillton makes a disturbing discovery. a drug smuggling camp on his land, with knapsacks, blankets, food and bales of marijuana. >> this is my private land. this is land that i own. and the druggers outrageously use my land at will. >> reporter: advocates concerned about border security have placed motion-sensitive hidden cameras near chillton's land. and what they reveal are wave after wave of mexican drug and immigrant smugglers, sometimes heavily armed, crossing into the u.s., traveling miles inside the country. chillton and his wife sue complain, they live in no man's land, unprotected by their own government. >> it's outrageous. i am a citizen of the united states. >> reporter: for neighboring rancher david beckham, it's even worse. he moved his family off the land, hearing the armed smugglers pa passing through at night. he skofs when the administration cla
Dec 23, 2012 11:15pm EST
the cardinals in the desert, air 30 christmas spirit. beanie wells -- arizona in the christmas spirit, beanie wells fumbles the exchangget any easi that. fast forward to the 3rd quarter, pass picked off by charles tillman and this is the tillman waltz in from 10 out. 28-13. chicago needs a win over detroit next week to help their postseason chances. >>> so it all comes down to week 17. the skins have hit it out of the park the last six weeks just like that. can they do it again against their biggest rival with everything on the line? the guys weigh in next.  >>> if you naught the thanksgiving day game was -- thought the thanksgiving day game was big, it doesn't compare to next week at fedex field. the game has been moved to primetime sunday night. a chance to win the division for the first time since 1999, the magnitude not lost in the skins' locker room. >> i was thinking about that since that clock says 00 and the referee threw the flag, let's go get the cowboys. ain't nothing else on my mind. i want to have fun and take the division. it's just a different situation of being. i'm ha
Dec 26, 2012 4:00pm PST
. plus, arizona's attorney general backs a plan reminiscent of the nra. and -- big from the worst of our politics. >>> i'm in for erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, christmas is over. washington back to work. the countydown is on. you've got six days to prevent this country from going over the fiscal cliff and today at least, we didn't see any action. nothing. now, i'm not trying to be a g n grinch here. i hope everyone's had a merry, merry christmas. >> drink some eggnog, have some christmas cookies, sing some christmas carols. >> but today's the 26th. you've drunk, you eaten and you've sung. now is the time for action. the latest news out of washington tonight, treasury secretary tim geithner told congress that the country will hit the debt ceiling on december 31st, some two months earlier than expected, but there's still no date yet on when the house of representatives will be called into session to veto a vote on any deal. president obama cut his hawaiian vacation short and is due to land in washington tomorrow. but if politicians aren't feeling enough urgency, the people people. 50%
Dec 26, 2012 8:00pm PST
. will that change by the end of the year? tonight, two congressmen come "outfront" to talk specifics. plus, arizona's attorney general backs a plan reminiscent of the nra to arm school principles. does more guns in schools begin to add up? and the biggest political fumbles. the best of the worst from our the best of the worst from our politicians. -- captions by vitac -- >>> i'm in for erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, christmas is over. washington back to work. the countydown is on. the clock is ticking. you've got six days to prevent this country from going over the fiscal cliff and today at least, we didn't see any action. nothing. nothing, nada. now, i'm not trying to be a grinch here. i hope everyone's had a merry, merry christmas. just like the president prescribed. >> drink some eggnog, have some christmas cookies, sing some christmas carols. >> but today's the 26th. you've drunk, you eaten and you've sung. now is the time for action. the latest news out of washington tonight, treasury secretary tim geithner told congress that the country will hit the debt ceiling on december 3
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Dec 28, 2012 1:00pm PST
the mexican government using our court system to fight arizona's sb1070 immigration law. it wants a u.s. circuit court of appeals to block part the of the law that makes it illegal to protect illegal immigrants. mexicans say it's anti-immigration and antimexico. jamie weinstein says it's anti-illegal immigration. you listen to this and -- break it down. so mexico wants the arizona courts to say it's illegal to ban harboring illegal mexicans. do i have that right? >> actually, the -- in arizona court, a lower court put this law on hold. it's before the u.s. court much appeals in san francisco where the mexican government filed an amicus brief saying the law, it's illegal to harbor illegal immigrants but only if you're committing a crime or in the process of committing a crime in addition to that. that's the only people in violation. if you're already committing a crime or having committed a crime and harboring illegal immigrants. the brief says the law, one, harms diplomatic relation with g united states and prevents the mexican government from negotiating with the united states becaus
FOX News
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm PST
, powerball, another powerball winner. remember the $588 powerball? two winners, right? now someone in arizona has claimed, the person in arizona getted $192 billion in a lump sum payment the ticket was purchased in arizona and get this there is a handful of states where if you don't want to you don't have to come forward and in arizona if you don't want to go to the press conference and tell people would you are, you don't have to, so whoever won this is sitting at home and is not going to be part of this news conference, probably packing his bags and moving wherever he or she wants with a bag full of money. there will be an announcement action 5:00 eastern and 3:00 in arizona but only the powerball people. they are remaining aanyone miscellaneous. some people are still paying for aol dial up. can you believe that? millions more of us have similar charges for things we don't use, sometimes just a few bucks and you may not notice with all the lines but it adds up. how to get rid those charges, figure out what they are and save yourself money. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, dia
Dec 2, 2012 6:30pm PST
raleigh, north carolina, nashville, tennessee, phoenix, arizona, and madison, wisconsin. that's because what happens in our state legislatures directly affects our taxes, schools, roads, the quality of our air and water, even our right to vote. politicians and lobbyists at the core of this clever enterprise figured out how to pull it off in an organized, camouflaged way, covering their tracks while they put one over on an unsuspecting public. this is the story of how and why it worked. our report was many months in the making. it's a collaboration between tom casciato and kathleen hughes, the filmmakers at okapi productions, and the schumann media center that i head. schumann supports independent journalism and public watchdog groups like the center for media and democracy, whose investigators have been tracking the footprints of alec, an organization hiding in plain sight, yet one of the most influential and powerful in american politics. ♪ ♪ >> i've often told people that i talk to out on the campaign trail when they say "state what?" when i say i'm running for the state legislatu
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am PST
them all at >>> arizona sheriff joe arpaio is known for his tough stance on illegal immigration. this morning, he's set to visit san francisco, a city known to be immigrant-friendly. terry mcsweeney joins us live. >> reporter: speaking here today, speaking to an alarm company convention they are going to be meeting at the park 55 he is not only the most controversial sheriff in america he has always called himself the toughest sheriff in america which makes this next picture funny. pictures from last night he walked down the street here makes a dichotomy going on. arpaio has been the center of illegal immigration debate for many years he's very aggressive. u.s. department says too aggressive they filed a lawsuit against him for racial profiling. arpaio loves the camera, he loves the controversy. so far this visit he wants to know where everybody is? >> i'm a little disappointed from new hampshire to california, every time i travel, give a speech i have demonstrators, i don't see any here. >> reporter: san francisco district attorney gascon knows arpaio from days toge
Dec 29, 2012 5:00am PST
of match-up between the u.s. naval academy and the arizona state sun devils, friends and family from across the country are here. >> where are you from? >> annapolis, maryland. >> arizona. >> they are here to support their daughter, who is part of the arizona sun devil's spirit corps. >> when i was last here i was her age. >> she's a proud both of one of the frontline players on the naval academy team. this five day trip is a special treat for the whole family. >> we told the girls if he made the goal game, that's their christmas present. we did alcatraz yesterday. it was cool. >> we have two teams that are really excited to be here and their fans are excited to be here. i think we are filling up all the hotels in san francisco. >> 33,000 tickets have already been sold for the match-up. the capacity of 30,000 is not yet met. organizers estimate this will be another banner year for this goal game. >> over the last 11 years we brought in $130 million. so that's an average about $12 million or $13 million a year for the san francisco economy. >> again, the game is not filled out so if you woul
Dec 31, 2012 1:30pm EST
be enacted, but it was done so that we would reduce spending. and i notice my friend from arizona is here who has been one of the best there is to focus on defense spending and how it should be done, and i know he would like to see things happen in a very different way in that regard, but i just heard the president say that the way we're going to deal with this sequester is in a balanced way through revenues and through reduced spending, and i just want to go on record here on the senate floor. i know there are negotiations that are taking place, but the sequester was to be dealt with substituted with other spending reductions, not through revenues. and i just hope that all those who are involved in bringing this together understand that even on the democratic side, that that was the understanding. and not only was it to be dealt with through spending reductions if these were considered to be ham-handed, and they are, and we should deal with them in a different way, but they were to be dealt with on the same time period. in other words, we weren't going to reduce $100 billion of the sequester
Dec 3, 2012 9:00am PST
that according to the arizona republic, the state already grants licenses to noncitizens with work permits. brewer seems to be singling out those who have received their permits through the department of homeland security's executive action. translation, jan brewer is picking a fight with president obama. michael steele, i have to go to you first on this. >> okay. sure, why not. >> i'm sorry, my friend. you have spoken at length and substantively about the problem that the gop has, not only with minorities but specifically with latinos. here we have a governor, we know the gop has been tripped up by actions at the state level, seems to be happening again with brewer. why is she pursuing this now. >> i don't know. it's clearly something within the water of her state. >> the water supply of arizona. >> which is dwindling. >> i think governors look at things like this through a different prism than we do sitting in new york and washington and certainly the federal government. as a former lieutenant governor, i understand what that is like and how that can be perceived outside of your state. b
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Dec 15, 2012 8:00am PST
and i extra sense of pain. now to your question, the facts are, as in aurora and as in arizona and virginia tech as in virtually every single case that the secret service conducted. is it is preceded by an undiagnosed and untreated menal illness. we need to be careful with information that over the last 24 hours, increasing information came in from family members, from friends and from students. that adam lanza as you have mentioned was disturbed and removed, and isolated and the fact matter is, like aurora, like arizona, like virginia tech, that is the key diagnostic sign of someone who is 20 years old of a machine who is delusional. and riulent and parinoid and able to commit such a horrific act. most schizophrenia people are not riulent but it is what we have seen in homes and what we may see in this case. >> doctor as you pointed out. we may see in this case. and you point to significant patterns. nthere eing signs. nthere are, but how should we navigate this? we want to provide and explain a bit of what happened here but don't want to use diagnosiss to justify the actions.
Dec 6, 2012 10:00pm PST
concentration camps. >> he doesn't exactly embody bay area values. what happened when arizona's infamous sheriff joe spent a day in san francisco. >> for anyone who has let loose a nasty review on yelp, be careful. what you write can get you sue. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm dana king. even her doctors don't know how she survived. a woman missing for a week was found by her brother who refused to give up the search. >> it's been a rough haul waiting all those days. >> cbs reporter describes the woman's ordeal as she waited and eventually went for help. >> last night -- >> reporter: linda says it's a miracle her sister survived. paul la lane spent six nights stranded in the elements. surviving on snow and tomatoes. >> she's a survivor. she loves life. >> reporter: last thursday paula and her boyfriend rod clifton were on their way back. rod left to find help but never returned. a day later, paula went looking too. >> it's been a rough haul waiting all those days trying to know if she made it or not. >> reporter: rod didn't survive and time was running out for paula. last night paula's
Dec 28, 2012 6:30pm PST
. arizona formaron corporaciones como la de yamel que hizo una pasteleria en casa. >>> a pesar de todas las barreras, la gente joven aquÍ en arizona vive. >>> en un estado donde la comunidad vive con la ley sb 1070 hubo pausa para la boda de una dreamers, todo tiene una recompensa, hay que caer muchas veces para levantarse. y agosto fue mes de buenas noticias. >>> llore porque era algo que soÑaba y esperaba. >>> carlos martÍnez que llegÓ a los 9 aÑos fue el primero en obtener el beneficio de acciÓn diferida que detuvo la deportaciÓn. poder agarrar un seguro social, poder ser alguien en este paÍs que no he sido nada en estos aÑos. >>> eso mismo cambiÓ la vida de milena, otra dreamers, madre soltera y cuyos padres fueron deportados a colombia. >>> a dos semanas la llaman para decirle a cambio de una deportaciÓn te vamos a dar la oportunidad que te presentes. >>> le pusieron el grillete
Dec 29, 2012 6:30pm PST
cercana al cruce internacional de sonora con arizona. >>> funcionarios de salud a tomar medidas especiales para garantizar la seguridad de los mÉdicos y el resto del personal de salud, algunos mÉdicos han puesto condiciones para seguir prestando sus servicios. >>> en el vecino estado de morelos al sur de la capital mexicana decenas de mÉdicos se manifestaron para exigir policÍas en los centros de salud estatales tras denunciar el ataque a una joven estudiante de medicina en una clÍnica en el municipio de temixco. >>> los estudiantes nu skwarn q anunciaron que no van a atender las urgencias y no van a dar consultas si no hay seguridad, estados como jalisco, sinaloa, chihuahua y zacatecas donde los mÉdicos se han manifestado para exigir seguridad en hospitales y clÍnicas de cada una de las entidades. m inseguridad que seguimos todos. la ciudad de mÉxico y un policÍa ministerial. hechos violentos ocurrieron en coahuila. elementos de las fuerzas armadas grupo de cuatro sicarios que querÍan. >>> en la ciudad de mÉxico, alejandro roldan, univisiÓn. >>> tragedia aÉrea en aeropuerto d
Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm PST
today. we don't know too much about him other than he lives in fountain hills, arizona and is in his 30s and married. his wife will get half as his wife is a community property state. the family plans to increase its charitable donations. he has a regular job for now. joy exactly. -- >> exactly. let's get a check of the forecast. looks like it will be nice. >> nice and chilly. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> it is getting chilly outside. but i do have a winning forecast. it is 39 in santa rosa and just to give you an indication as to how cold. i was on the roof of the kgtv broadcast center and i posted a picture of my spectacular view. it was the sunsetting, and so people were like, hey, check out moi view. check out my view. this walls the sunset posted by clarice m to my facebook page and they didn't stop. this is another one posted to my twitter. it is from chris astro. he is saying "my view was better." let's check out live doppler 7hd, and the view from that perspective involves some high clouds and fog at this hour. fog could be a problem especially for th
Dec 15, 2012 5:00pm PST
off in albuquerque with arizona and nevada facing off. the first of 35 bowl games in the next 22 games. what a game. third quarter. nevada quarterback double fakes, finds a wide-open richie turner. wolfpack up 10. arizona onlies back. 14:36 to play. 48-42 nevada. the ensuing kickoff, the onside kick, get it, march down the field. third t.d. pass of the game other. >> utah state facing toledo in the idaho potato bowl. feet ton, 62 yards touchdown, finished with 270 yards in the air. utah state wins the always popular idaho potato bowl, 41-15. >>> the division 2 championship game, went from tate's opening kickoff. to his own four, up the middle. 96 yards. 7-0 valdosta just like that. still in the first. blazers, o'neill, fourth and one, 24 yards to the end zone. o'neill, 141 yards on 24 carries. valdosta wins their first national championship, ending their season 12-2. >> high school football, marine and maddison for the cif division three championship game in carson, california. fourth quarter, marin catholic quarterback headed to cal, threw four t.d.'s on the day. hit at the line and i
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